Ready for the Face-to-Face World? Think Permanent Makeup!

The world is steadily returning to something a lot more like normal. This means that many of us who may have been working at home and generally flying under the radar have to readjust to going out and meeting people again at work and social functions. A lot of us feel like we need all the help we can get.

At Beverly Hills Permanent Makeup, folks from Greater Los Angeles and around the world are coming to our salon for eyeliner, lip-enhancement, and microblading eyebrows at our salon. Let’s look at some of our offerings to help our clients get face-to-face with their lives.

What Can Beverly Hills Permanent Makeup Do for Eyes?

We’ve all heard that the eyes are the windows to the soul but, like actual windows, the “treatment” around them can make all the difference. We offer two primary techniques for making the most of one of two of our most prominent facial features.

  • Microblading
    Microblading offers attractive and amazingly natural-looking eyebrows while saving countless hours of daily stress over a year. The process consists of placing many tiny drops of pigment under the skin of the eyebrow area, which has been treated with a topical anesthetic. The painstaking techniques employ extremely tiny needles so that, when used with an anesthetic, there is very little discomfort, if any. By the time the whole process has been completed, people may notice your beautiful eyebrows but hardly anyone who doesn't know about the work will guess your eyebrows aren't natural.
  • Eyeliner
    The appeal of permanent eyeliner is easy to see. Instead of dealing without the hassle of very carefully applying eyeliner every day, not to mention the stress of sorting through the countless offerings from the makeup companies, clients at Beverly Hills Permanent Makeup can have their eyeliner applied by our own Ellie, a world-class makeup artist with an outstanding reputation. Every dot of micro-pigmentation is applied with maximum safety and comfort and, most importantly, clients consistently love their outcomes.

Is There a Permanent Version of Lipstick?

You Bet. A stunning alternative to standard, imprecise, and sometimes messy lipstick, semi-permanent lip enhancement from Ellie and Beverly Hills Permanent Makeup is enthusiastically praised by our clients. It saves time and removes the risk of messy lipstick stains and smearing. A lip-enhancement also allows Ellie to give a client’s mouth greater shape and sensuality. If you want to look your best every day with a minimum of bother, Ellie’s lip-enhancement is a godsend.

Who Gets Permanent Makeup?

Who gets microblading, eyeliner, and semi-permanent lip-enhancement? All kinds of people – some do it just to have one less time-consuming task every day; others may have doubts about their makeup skills and would rather leave it to an acclaimed artist, while others may have difficulty doing detailed makeup for any number of reasons. Regardless, our clientele agrees that the work they get from Ellie is the very best.

Ready to Look Your Best with Less Hassle?

If so, Ellie at Beverly Hills Permanent Makeup wants to hear from you. Click the call button above or visit our contact page.