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Beverly Hills Permanent Makeup

Located in the heart of Beverly Hills, we offer a convenient and professional location with extensive experience in permanent makeup services. Whether your preference is soft and natural or you seek dramatic effects, our professional permanent makeup artist Elnaz has learned the art of custom blending to achieve that perfect shade. Book your free consultation now!

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What are the Benefits of Permanent Makeup?

The most obvious benefit to permanent makeup is waking up every day with your “face on.” You can swim, exercise, shower and wake up still looking put together and ready to go. It can be ideal for the woman who is constantly on the go. It is also perfect for people who have lost hair due to chemotherapy, accidents, burns, or cosmetic surgery, as well as those who have allergies to traditional makeup or have sensitive skin.

Microblading Los Angeles Trusts

Yes, with microblading in Los Angeles from Ellie and her team at Beverly Hills Permanent Makeup, you can have perfectly gorgeous and natural looking eyebrows 24/7 and 365 days a year. There are many reasons both women and men take advantage of microblading. Some of us are extremely busy and simply can’t find the time to apply detailed makeup every single day; others may be dealing with a disability or simply prefer to let a skilled makeup artist like Ellie take care of their eyebrows on a “one-and-done” basis. Others may have eyebrows that have grown thin due to aging or a medical condition and want realistic looking brows that won’t attract too much attention. Microblading is the ideal solution for all of these situations.


How Does Microblading Work?

Microblading is similar to other types of permanent makeup Los Angeles residents may obtain, but it’s more detailed than the standard procedure and needs to be periodically maintained. Here’s the procedure: after carefully consulting with Ellie regarding the exact shape and shade a client is interested in, the eyebrow area is numbed with a topical anesthetic. Ellie then employs extremely tiny needles to inject individual dots of pigment into the skin. Appointments typically take no longer than the amount of time it would take to enjoy a leisurely lunch, and the effects can last as long as two years before requiring a touch-up.
At Beverly Hills Permanent Makeup, we understand how precious time is but also how important it is to always put your best face forward, especially here in Southern California. With microblading and permanent makeup in Los Angeles, we help you save time and worry in the morning so you can get out of the door faster while looking your best every day.


Work with the Best!

Ellie, our resident makeup artist at Beverly Hills Permanent Makeup, holds numerous certifications and is one of the most respected members of the Los Angeles aesthetic community. Her work has attracted clients from around the world, and her technique has been endorsed by some of our area’s finest reconstructive surgeons. To find out more about permanent makeup and microblading in Los Angeles with Ellie, call us today at the number above or get in touch with us via our contact page.