Questions and Answers About Alopecia and Microblading

Missing a small or large portion of an eyebrow due to alopecia can present a real challenge for anyone. Even people who might not be particularly appearance conscious might be embarrassed by the unusual appearance a bald patch can create. Microblading has become the gold standard solution for people of all ages and genders for eyebrows that look full, natural, and attractive.

Below are answers to many of the questions people have on microblading and alopecia.

What is Alopecia?

Alopecia is an autoimmune condition impacting millions of people. The illness causes hair follicles to fall out, though the number of lost hairs can vary greatly. Sufferers are usually able to make adjustments but some find it extremely difficult to get used to noticeable bald patches on their eyebrows.

How Does Microblading Work?

Microblading is a more finely detailed variation on permanent makeup. It uses a row of extremely tiny needles to place thousands of dots of pigment under the skin. The work is painstakingly detailed and requires the skill of an experienced and talented makeup artist.

What Kind of Results Do Most People Get?

When the outcome is complete, clients get flattering custom-made eyebrows that consistently look almost exactly like natural eyebrows. Only experts are typically able to spot microbladed eyebrows. Even after laypeople have been told about the process, they still tend to have difficulty seeing where the natural eyebrow ends and the microbladed areas begin.

Does Microblading Hurt?

Because the needles are so small and a topical anesthetic is applied first, most patients feel mainly a pressing sensation but very little actual discomfort.

Are Eyebrows Shaved Off Before Microblading Begins?

No! Shaving the eyebrows is counterproductive. The idea of microblading for people with alopecia is to complete whatever is there to fill in bald patches. We want to preserve however much of a client’s eyebrow hair remains.

How Long Do Microbladed Eyebrows Last?

They typically last about 18-30 months but they can remain indefinitely with regular touch-up applications.

Are There Special Concerns Regarding Microblading for People with Alopecia?

More caution may be required for alopecia sufferers due to a sometimes increased risk of infection. It’s therefore especially important for clients to make certain they are working with a reputable and experienced makeup artist who has had special training to ensure your complete safety. You should also communicate with your dermatologist before proceeding.

How Do I Find the Right Microblading Provider?

Both your appearance and safety are involved so it’s important to be careful to choose an experienced and reputable provider. Make sure the provider is experienced and expert in the safe application of permanent makeup.

If you happen to be in the Los Angeles area, Ellie here at Beverly Hill Permanent Makeup is an acknowledged leader among makeup artists. She has helped countless people of all ages and genders look their best and feel more confident. With numerous certifications, outstanding and safe results have made her one of the most respected people in the field. Check out her microblading gallery to see the outcomes that have made Ellie one of the most respected and sought-after makeup artists working.

Want Natural Looking, Attractive Eyebrows Every Day?

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What Are the Benefits of

Permanent Makeup?

The most obvious benefit to permanent makeup is waking up every day with your “face on.” You can swim, exercise, shower and wake up still looking put together and ready to go. It can be ideal for the woman who is constantly on the go. It is also perfect for people who have lost hair due to chemotherapy, accidents, burns, or cosmetic surgery, as well as those who have allergies to traditional makeup or have sensitive skin.

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