Microblading Orange County

The microblading Orange County residents look to as the gold-standard, long-term solution for attractive, realistic eyebrows is available through a number of providers; however, Beverly Hills Permanent Makeup has developed a reputation as the Southern California leader. That’s why women and men from throughout the area have chosen to go out of their way to take advantage of the services of this particular salon and Elnaz, it’s widely noted permanent makeup artist.

The Beverly Hills Permanent Makeup Difference

Microblading differs from other techniques due to the fine detail that makes it very difficult for most observers to distinguish microblade fashioned eyebrows from their natural counterparts. That means that a permanent makeup artist needs an artistic touch in order to produce results that not only look real but which are customized to truly flatter the client’s specific appearance. No two faces are the same, and Elnaz has spent decades creating personalized make-up solutions that help her clients look like the very best versions of themselves.

Just as important, long-lasting makeup is a science as well as an art, and Elnaz is one of the most experienced and highly trained individuals in the field. Her clientele, which includes celebrities as well as numerous people from all walks of life, turns to her for outstanding results that are also applied with maximum comfort and safety.

Getting Starting with Microblading at Beverly Hills Permanent Makeup

Whether you are looking for a long term solution that will free you of the daily hassle of applying eyeliner or want to take advantage of the some of microblading’s other applications, including finishing touches on reconstructive surgeries for breast cancer patients, Beverly Hills Permanent Makeup wants to hear from you. To get started, contact us today online or by calling the phone number above.