Microblading in Los Angeles from a Leader in Permanent Makeup

If you need expert microblading in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills Permanent Makeup’s star artist in residence, Ellie, is here to give you the most attractive, most natural-looking, and the lowest-upkeep set of eyebrows you’ve had. From shape to shade, Ellie will work with you to discover the best look for your eyebrows – all through the miracle of microblading. And the best part is that your eyebrows will look great all the time with no need to reapply daily. Microblading lasts through all kinds of weather, sweat, swimming, and more with only periodic touchups required.

As one of the leading names in permanent makeup, Ellie has earned the attention of reconstructive surgeons, medical doctors, celebrities, and royalty for her talents. Ellie has been a leader in popularizing the use of microblading and her philosophy is that permanent makeup is an art.

Microblading vs. Standard Permanent Makeup?

It’s easy for some of us to assume that microblading and permanent makeup, which is essentially a type of tattoo, are the same thing. The truth is that, while they do have similarities, they are actually quite different. Microblading looks much more natural – few people ever notice the difference without being alerted. Permanent makeup can also change color over time as the ink dilutes, but microblading uses pigments that do not change color—though fading is to be expected and regular touchups are necessary to maintain the effect. Standard permanent makeup, on the other hand, is – as the name implies – largely permanent.

Ready for Permanent Makeup or Microblading?

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