Microblading in Los Angeles for All Individuals

Permanent makeup such as microblading in Los Angeles provides individuals of all backgrounds, genders, ages, artistic abilities (or lack thereof!) the opportunity to have expertly applied looks all day, every day. That’s more important than a lot of people think. A common misconception is that people are interested in makeup purely for superficial reasons. However, for many individuals, makeup is a tool for restoring their sense of dignity and beauty, especially if they are aging or battling a debilitating illness.

Microblading is a Breakthrough Procedure

Microblading is a breakthrough procedure that uses tiny needles to place small dots of pigment into the desired area, usually – but not always – the eyebrows, creating a look that appears natural. To the unsuspecting eye, the results mimic the look of real brow hairs and can be especially difficult to distinguish even for those who are aware.

The treatment can last for up to eighteen months, which means individuals can enjoy the benefits of having beautiful eyebrows through swimming, showering, sleeping, and working out without worrying about smudging or fading.

Frustration-Free Application

At Beverly Hills Permanent Makeup, we understand that not everyone is a makeup artist, or even has the skills or steady hand needed to create the makeup look they desire. With microblading, individuals are freed from the frustration that can build from struggling to create perfectly symmetrical brows or trying out countless makeup products in an attempt to find one that lasts the longest or looks the best.

Permanent makeup saves time from your daily makeup routine, allowing people with busy schedules to get as much rest as possible while still looking ready to go as soon as they wake up.

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