Los Angeles Permanent Makeup Benefits

Los Angeles Permanent Makeup Benefits

The finest in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles permanent makeup allows people of all genders to put their best face forward every day while saving precious time from morning makeup routines. At Beverly Hills Permanent Makeup, we offer several long-lasting makeup options that are great for individuals of all walks of life: from busy working professionals to athletes, as well as those with physical issues.los angeles microblading

Permanent makeup provides a lasting beautiful look that’s expertly applied by a professional makeup artist. This means that our clients no longer have to worry about finding the right waterproof products or applying symmetrical brows or eyeliner looks. Through rain, sweat, and tears, makeup will stay put and highlight your features all day and night.

Microblading with Beverly Hills Permanent Makeup

Los Angeles microblading is one of the most popular and respected permanent makeup services around. Microblading is a treatment done on the eyebrows that uses extremely fine detail to create a look that most people cannot distinguish from the real thing.

Our resident permanent makeup artist, Ellie, works with you to decide on the best shape and shade of brow to flatter your features and appearance. Then, using a tool with fine needles, tiny dots of pigment are injected into the designated area. The result is a symmetrical brow that looks as natural as actual brow hairs and can last as long as 18 months or more.

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